Bienvenue sur le site de l'association Hargonis, un espace de partage de connaissances sur la musicothérapie


Music soothes (the mind), amazes, energizes, sets the mind at rest, lulls to sleep. Music is invigorating, attractive, captivating, enchanting, fascinating and explosive and, nowadays, can even pay. Music carries along, bewitches, mesmerizes, impresses, fills with wonder, enthrals... Music is a passion, uplifting and dazzling.

The powers of music have always appealed to all kinds of people : musicians, poets, inquiring minds, healers, warriors, politicians (imagine if someone could use for specific purposes any of the abilities mentioned above).

It soon was not only a matter of music in itself, but of its nature and how it is structured. Some tried to understand it, to rationalise it in order to use it for specific purposes. But until now, music has still kept many of its secrets.


Through accounts based on personal experiences, we would like to try to understand how sounds, when organised in music, can play a part in healing processes.



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